"I love that it lists all the specific covenants we can make! Those are often not taught, but should be!

"It's an interactive book that keeps my little one engaged as much as her favorite "non-church" books!"
—Audrie K.


"Our boys love the book! Such a simple and interactive way to teach gospel principles to our children. And it's a good reminder for me of the covenants we've made since baptism and going to the temple. I love how this board book is for parents, too."

—Leah J.


"He’ll know high level covenants BEFORE he makes them!! I really believe their generation is the one that will need to be the sin resistant generation President Nelson talks about and it’s because of tools like this that will help them!”
—Alicia W.


"I am IN LOVE with [this] book. My husband and I were just talking about how we wish you made those in Portuguese as well. What a beautiful way to explain the covenants to children."

—Bianca L.


"My sweet boy is obsessed with your book and is learning so much already! Quickly says Jesus every time he sees him (even now at church and at home with every picture) and he pretends to pray when he sees the children praying...he loves it!"

—Meriam B. 


 "I haven't found another Latter-day Saint board book that includes this much doctrine."

—Laurel H.

"This book is amazing! It’s so beautiful, well drawn and well written. My baby loves it for more than just church. I love how it has me ponder my own relationship with Christ and covenants. I 100% recommend. Very good quality."

—Michealah W. 

“Your book kept Luke entertained all of sacrament meeting. I love how you really thought about how to engage a child on every page.”

—Brianna W.


"I feel like every Latter-day Saint home needs this book. So not only is it super cute, but it shows [my little one what we commit to] when we go serve in the temple. I love how Christ-centered it is."

—Maddie H.

"It looks awesome. Surprisingly deep, but very simple to understand."

—LeGrand S.


"Such an amazing tool to have when teaching our little ones! It kept [my 2-year-old] engaged with every flap and turn of the page and we loved how much we got to see Jesus throughout."

 —Shayla C.


"It made me cry and feel the Spirit. I think [it's] just brilliant and wonderful design and art."

—Melanie A.


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