How To Assemble Your Busy Book Binder(s)

How To Assemble Your Busy Book Binder(s)

Sacrament Busy Book Binder

Hi, I hope you love your busy binder(s) as much as we do! Read on for instructions to put them together.

If you like seeing things visually, you can also watch the video on @acovenantchild instagram of how to assemble the Sacrament Busy Book.

WARNING: Small pieces are included. Do not leave your child unattended while playing with this busy binder. Please cut the pieces so they are not sharp.

1. Download the files and print in color on card stock paper. You can print at home or at a print shop like UPS Store or Staples.

2. Cut out the pieces and laminate them so the seal is intact (lasts longer). Or to save time, laminate each page and then cut out the pieces.

3. Laminate the rest of the pages or put them in page protectors. You can use a laminator at home (here is a link to the affordable one I have) or go to a print shop like UPS Store or Staples.

4. Put velcro stickers on the back of each piece and match with the other velcro piece and then put it on the page. Here is a link to quiet, clear velcro.

5. Use a three-hole punch on the sides and put them all in a binder, and put the cover page in the front of the binder.


Use a page protector per page to hold the velcro pieces. This will make it so you can remove the pieces from the sleeve and your child can place the pieces on quietly during the sacrament.

If using this for reverence in sacrament meeting, use just on Sundays to keep it fresh and interesting for your little(s)! Enjoy pondering the words on each page (put there mainly for you) while your child matches away!

Made for toddlers ages 1-3. Toddlers 3 and up will like it too!

TERMS OF USE: Copyright © 2022 A Covenant Child. All rights reserved. Not for resale or redistribution. For personal home use or single classroom use only. Not for commercial use. You may not copy, alter or share these digital files. Thank you!

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